Choosing The Right Opener For Timber Sectional Garage Doors

29 June 2023
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A sectional garage door made of timber can be a stylish and secure addition to any garage, and installing an automated garage door opener will make it easy and convenient to use. However, choosing the wrong opener for your timber sectional garage door can do more harm than good, as not every type of opener is suitable for use with these uniquely stylish doors.

If you have recently installed a timber sectional garage door on your property, keep the following key points in mind when looking for a suitable garage door opener:

High Horsepower Is Essential

The power of a garage door opener's motor is usually measured in horsepower. Most garage door openers are fitted with standard motors, which are energy efficient and strong enough to lift most steel and aluminum doors fitted to single-car garages. 

However, most timber garage doors are considerably heavier than metal doors, and sectional doors are no exception. Depending on the size and design of your timber sectional garage door, you may need to opt for an opener with a larger motor. More powerful motors are usually considered overkill, although they may be necessary for very thick timber sectional doors, or doors fitted to garages that hold two or more cars.

If you are unsure how much power your new garage door opener needs, you should contact a reputable garage door opener manufacturer or installation service. These services can supply you with more precise information about the lifting capacities of their openers, and recommend a suitable power rating for your door.

Consider Chain- Or Screw-Drive Openers

The lifting capacity of a garage door opener doesn't just depend on the power of its motor. The method it uses to transmit lifting power to your door can also have a big influence. Most garage door openers use belts, chains, or screw drives to transmit power. You can also find direct-drive openers, where the opener itself moves along a stationary chain or belt to lift and lower the door.

As a general rule, chain and screw drive door openers have higher lifting capacities and are therefore most suitable for operating heavy, sectional timber garage doors. You may be able to find belt and direct drive openers with sufficient strength, but they are likely to be a lot more expensive.

When comparing chain and screw-drive garage door openers, bear in mind that chain-driven openers are less expensive, but also make a lot more noise while operating. Screw drive openers are very quiet, but they are less common than other options, and may not be available from every supplier in your area.

Look For Backup Power Options

If your timber sectional garage door is too heavy to lift and lower manually, you may end up trapped inside or outside of the garage during a power outage. In these situations, a garage door opener with a backup power battery can be worth its weight in gold.

Many high-end garage door openers are fitted with integrated backup batteries, but some cheaper openers can also be connected to backup batteries purchased separately. If you choose a separate backup battery, make sure it has sufficient power and capacity to lift heavier garage doors.

Reach out to a company that offers garage door opener services to learn more.