Three Garage Door Issues That Call For Professional Service

19 February 2016
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If you're the type of person who frequently performs fix-it tasks around your home, it's generally advisable to avoid taking this approach with your garage door. Garage doors can develop a variety of problems that shouldn't be handled by an amateur. Failing to approach these problems in the correct manner can either make the problem worse or lead to an injury. It's a better to simply seek out the help of a garage door contractor. Regardless of the nature of your door's issue, you can count on your contractor dealing with similar problems in the past and knowing exactly how to get your door up and running again. Here are three issues that should be serviced by a professional.

Broken Safety Sensors

On a powered garage door, you rely on the sensors mounted to each side of the doorframe to keep you and your family safe by changing the direction of the door if it's closing and a sensor is tripped. If you realize that these sensors are no longer doing their job, it's important to get a professional to visit your home and handle the job for you. You can't take the risk of incorrectly repairing the sensors so that they're unreliable. A garage door contractor will know how to fix the problem or might opt to replace the sensors entirely to ensure your safety won't be compromised.

Broken Door Spring

You'll be able to tell when the spring on your garage door breaks – if you're home, you'll likely hear the loud bang that occurs when the spring's tension releases. If you're not around, you'll realize that you can't operate the door. Broken springs should only be handled by professionals. Even after the spring has snapped, it could be partially under tension and release in a manner that causes you a severe injury. The contractor will know how to safely remove the old spring, how to install the new one and how to set the new spring's tension correctly.

Off-Track Rollers

Another issue that your garage door can experience is one or more rollers coming off the track. This situation is dangerous because the door is in a precarious position; handling it improperly can cause the door to fall entirely off the tracks and crush you beneath it. Your garage door contractor has the right training to know how to carefully lift the problematic panel back into place so the roller is secure, and then assess the door to determine why the roller came off in the first place.

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