2 Garage Door Materials That Are Worth Considering

4 March 2016
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There are a lot of different garage door materials to choose from that can all provide you with many different benefits. These materials can range from a variety of different metals and wood to vinyl. Listed below are two garage door materials that are worth considering for your home.

Steel Doors

Steel doors are some of the strongest garage doors that you will be able to find and are ideal if you are trying to make your garage as secure as possible. In addition, this type of door will stand up to most types of minor impacts without denting or becoming broken. The only real danger to this type of garage door is scratching.

If the garage door is scratched, you will have to take action to repair it as soon as possible because the scratch will expose the bare metal to the elements. When that happens, rust can begin to set in, which can cause your entire garage door to degrade. In order to repair the scratch, you will simply need to paint over the scratch with a waterproof paint or weather sealant.

Wood Doors

Wood doors are some of the most aesthetically appealing and versatile doors available to you because you can choose to have the door made out of a wide variety of woods that can provide different textures and colors. In addition, you can purchase customized wood doors; companies can carve anything from messages to pictures directly into the door.


Another benefit provided by wood doors is that there are options that are suitable for budgets of all sizes. For example, if you want a wood door and the price is not an issue, then you can purchase a solid wood garage door that will provide great insulation, security, and durability. If you just want the appearance of a wood door and do not want to spend a lot of money, you can purchase a door with a solid wood veneer and a manufactured wood core. 

The only real downside that you will run into with most solid wood doors is that they are very heavy when compared to the other options. As a result, they can put a lot of strain on some garage door opener motors. These are typically not suited for use as an extra-wide door for a multi-car garage, unless you upgrade the motor to be able to handle the weight.

Contact a garage door service in your area today to discuss the pros and cons of wood and steel doors. Wood doors are fantastic doors that are versatile and beautiful while steel doors are very durable and secure.