Three Ways Your Garage Can Influence Your Feng Shui Luck

10 March 2016
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If you are a homeowner who is interested in feng shui, you know that you have to get your house in good shape and make the rooms seem harmonious in order to optimize the energy flowing through the rooms. However, your garage also has to be prepared according to feng shui because it can affect how you feel in your home. Here are three ways your garage, its door, and everything in it can help or hurt your home's feng shui.  

Ba Gua Sector

In feng shui, the ba gua, which is the octagonal grid that divides your home, a room, or any other space into sectors, can also be applied to the garage, both as its own ba gua space and as part of your house as a whole. If, for example, you have the garage on the southwest side of your home, then the garage is in the marriage and relationship sector of the ba gua. If your garage is in bad shape -- say, the door won't open easily, the springs are about to break, or the garage is messy -- then that negative energy can influence your marriage or your relationships. Fixing the door, cleaning up and organizing the garage, and making it look nice can help improve the energy surrounding your relationships.   

Secondary Entry

Many people use the garage as their main point of entry into the house. While the garage should not be considered the primary entrance into the home for ba gua purposes, the garage door is certainly a secondary entrance. As such, it has additional influence over your health and the general health of others who live in the house. It's especially important to ensure the doors, from the big garage door that you bring your car through to the regular door connecting the garage to the rest of the house, are working perfectly. Springs should be properly oiled, weather stripping should be intact, and the door itself should look good. A pleasant entry into the garage turns into a pleasant entry and experience in the home. Any problems with the garage doors can make you subtly annoyed or depressed in your own home, affecting how you feel.

Bedroom Above the Garage

Bedrooms are places of rest and rejuvenation in feng shui. If you have a bedroom above the garage, any discord in the garage, from squeaky door springs to dust, can affect the occupants of the bedroom above. Noise can disturb sleep, dust can increase allergies, pests can increase discomfort, and so on.

If there are any maintenance problems with your garage, especially the doors, call in a garage door repair company (such as Overhead Door Of Akron) to get everything fixed. Most repairs are simple and don't take that long, and the companies can also inspect garages to ensure nothing new is beginning to cause a problem.