New Garage Door Installation: 3 Things Homeowners Shouldn't Let Slip Their Minds

18 March 2016
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Garage doors are pretty sturdy and are designed to last for decades. However, they will eventually show signs of wear. You will begin to find yourself frequently repairing problems, which will become a nuisance very quickly. If this sounds like your situation, it is probably a good time to consider purchasing a new garage door. While it is possible to install a new garage door yourself, it is usually recommended to hire a professional to do it for you. However, if you should attempt the install yourself, don't forget these three things:

1. Insulation

One reason that you may be replacing your old garage door is due to lack of proper insulation. Your current door may be allowing too much air in or out. While a new door is going to be an improvement nonetheless, you may want to consider getting insulation that is specially designed for garage doors. The insulation not only helps to lower your energy bills, but it also acts as a noise barrier and helps to brighten up the area. There are several different types of insulation that you can use, including foam board, batt or reflective. It all depends on the type of garage door you have. For example, most insulation types work well with steel doors, but reflective and foam board insulation are the best types of insulation for flat doors.

2. Weather Stripping

At the bottom of the garage door, there is a piece of rubber stripping. This is known as the weather stripping. It seals the garage door shut and helps with insulation. You do not want to use the old weather stripping off of your old garage door. Many homeowners try to do this, but it turns out to be a huge mistake as the seal isn't as strong as a new one would be. Weather stripping is not expensive, so it is well worth it to splurge and purchase new.

3. Safety Sensors

Today, most garage doors are designed with safety systems that are built-in. These are designed to prevent the garage door from shutting in the event that something or someone is underneath it. When you are only replacing the door and not the entire system, you may overlook the safety sensor. This may definitely be the case if you don't even have a safety system installed currently. So, make sure that you consider having your current system upgraded or a safety sensor installed if you don't have one currently. Safety should always be a priority, especially if you have pets or children in the house.

While there's nothing wrong with doing some home projects yourself, you will want to make sure that everything is done properly. If you feel that you cannot do an adequate job of installing your garage door safely and securely, make sure to contact a local garage door installation company for help. If you do decide to do it yourself, make sure you remember insulation, weather stripping and safety sensors. To learn more, contact a company like A & J Garage Door Inc.