3 Reasons Why Your Garage Door May Not Close All the Way

11 January 2021
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Many homeowners open and close their garage door every day without giving it a thought. However, when a garage door ceases to function properly, it can be quite frustrating. One common problem that a garage door can experience is not fully closing. This can be quite problematic since many people park their car in their garage and also store other valuables, so having a garage door that won't close completely is a security risk.

The good news is that a garage door professional can make the needed repairs to ensure that it closes without issue. Some of the top reasons why a garage door may stop closing completely include:

1. One or More Springs are Damaged or Broken

When a garage door opens and closes it may look effortless, but the truth is that springs play a major role in the process. A garage door is large in size and very heavy, so energy from the springs allow the door to glide smoothly on the tracks. If a garage door spring is damaged or broken, the weight of the door may lead to a misalignment, which makes it impossible for the door to close. A local repair technician will be able to inspect your garage door springs and make the necessary repairs.

2. Problems with the Tracks

To close properly, the wheels attached to the garage door need to be able to travel down the tracks that are located on each side of the door. While garage door tacks are designed to be durable, they can develop issues over time. If one of the tracks becomes warped or bent, the garage door will get stuck when it is trying to close, preventing it from closing completely. Having the damaged track repaired or replaced will solve the problem.

3. Faulty Sensors 

Most people have automatic garage door openers; they offer added convenience since the garage door can be opened and closed with a simple press of a button instead of having to do it manually. An automatic garage door opener system has sensors that are located near the bottom of the tracks on each side of the garage door. These sensors are for safety to ensure that the garage door does not close on a person or object in the path of the door. However, when one of both sensors malfunction, the garage door will not close at all. A garage door repair technician can help you address any technical issues.