Tips On How To Repair A Garage Door Cable

10 September 2021
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Since the garage is where you store your cars and other valuables, it's essential to have a sturdy door. Over time, this constant use can cause wear and tear on your garage door's cables. To prevent this, and keep your garage door in good working condition, be sure to perform routine maintenance such as tightening bolts or replacing springs, and repairing the garage door cables. 

These actions can go a long way towards preventing costly repairs down the line. Here are some more tips for fixing a garage door cable.

Inspect the Cable for Any Cracks or Other Damage

To do this, run your hands along the cable to feel any ridges or irregularities. Try to replace damaged garage door cables immediately. If ignored, they can get worse and pose a serious threat to anyone in the garage. The garage door might not close if it has damaged cables. Therefore, regular inspections are essential.

While garage door cables are a relatively simple part of the garage door, they can cause problems if not properly inspected and maintained.

Inspect the Pulleys and Rollers

If garage door cables are not properly maintained, garage doors can become difficult to open and close. When working on your garage, be sure to run the garage door up and down a few times to ensure there aren't any hiccups or jams. This is because garage doors rely on pulleys and rollers to move up and down smoothly. If these parts aren't working right, there's a good chance that your garage door cables need replacing.

Replace Any Missing or Worn Cables

If sharp objects have damaged garage door cables, they might fray and break. You should ensure all tools or nails are properly stowed away when not in use to prevent this from happening. If a garage door cable has become frayed due to the garage being used as a workspace, it's important to replace it as soon as possible. 

When garage door cables are frayed, they pose a risk of snapping and flying towards someone or something that's nearby. Hence, damaged garage door cables should be repaired immediately.

Clean Out Debris from Around the Bottom of Your Garage Door

Garage doors can get jammed when they catch on debris such as leaves, rocks, and other things that might have fallen around the garage door. This is why it's essential to make sure there isn't any dirt or junk obstructing the garage door from moving up and down smoothly. If you don't clean off all of this junk, garage door cables are more likely to snap when they get caught on something.

Contact a garage door repair service for more information.