5 New Features To Ask From A Residential Garage Door Replacer

29 June 2022
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There are several choices to be made while selecting the ideal garage door replacement. Options for convenience, security, and beauty are more plentiful than ever. You should think about a number of aspects to make your home's design and usefulness just perfect. Here are some features you should request from a residential garage door replacer.

1. Multi-Functional Security Keypads

You may now enter your garage with a keypad next to your front door using new garage door systems. This increases your sense of security while entering and leaving your house and provides you with confidence that your garage is safe. 

If you're thinking about replacing or updating your home garage door system, search for rolling code security keypads. These provide your garage and house with a stronger degree of protection.

2. Custom Paint Finish

A greater focus on aesthetic appearance is one of the main trends with garage doors. Fiberglass is one of the materials used in the construction of modern residential garage doors. This makes it possible to create almost limitless finish combinations, including bespoke paint colors that give your door a distinctive appearance. 

With a new garage door design, you can now give your house some individuality while still maintaining the neutral tones of white or black used in previous door designs.

3. Extra insulation and Airtight Sealing

You probably waste a lot of energy—and money—if you still use your original garage door that was installed a few decades ago because it is insufficiently insulated. By improving your garage door and sealing it correctly, you may save hundreds of dollars in heating and cooling expenses over time. Inquire about energy-efficient solutions from your residential garage door replacer.

4. Custom Design and Size

You may receive a personalized garage door replacement that matches the design and size of your house, thanks to the expanding selection of door styles, sizes, and materials. Additionally, by opting for a bespoke design rather than a pre-made one, you can make sure your new door will appear and function precisely the way you want it to.

5. Smartphone Control

It's only natural to use an app for operating a  garage door, given how many house systems there are now. Therefore, you may expect your new residential garage door replacement to come with a smartphone app for remote system control. When you're merely attempting to go back inside, you won't ever need to pull out your home key again.

Higher energy efficiency, security, and operational ease are just a few advantages of a new garage door, making it a wise investment. To choose a replacement appropriate for your property, speak with a residential garage door replacer.