Clear Indications That Your Garage Door Springs Are Damaged

29 August 2022
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Every homeowner takes pride in owning a home, and one of the house's most valuable assets is the door to your garage. A boxed roller door is pivotal in increasing your home's aesthetics and curb appeal. However, frequent use leads to wear and tear and ultimately damages the entry door springs. A professional spring repair is required as soon as possible in such a situation. Here are some indications that reveal your door's springs are broken:

Broken Cables

This indicates that the overhead door springs have disconnected from their rails. You might find them on the ground next to your garage door or jammed between the door and rails. This is not the most common scenario, but if you find yourself facing such a situation, contact the services of a reputable spring repair company for quick repair. Ensure frequent maintenance of your overhead door to avoid dealing with broken cables in the future and enhance its effectiveness and efficiency.

Frequent Loud Bangs

You will likely hear a loud bang from your door if a spring breaks. The noise may be disruptive to the extent that you may think someone was trying to gain entry into your property. In such a case, the first step is to assess the door's condition. If you find that it has closed on its own and cannot open, contact a garage door repair professional. They accurately determine the level of damage and advise on whether you need a repair or a spring replacement.

Heavy Entryway Door

Since your garage door is supported by springs, if these components are damaged, your door will generally feel heavier than normal as you open it. This is because the weight is too much for the malfunctioning springs. Reach out to a repair technician near you for urgent assistance.

Crooked Entry Door

A broken or damaged spring inevitably leads to a crooked entry door. The two springs, which are located on each side of the garage door, provide support during upward and downward movement. However, if one of them is damaged, your door moves crookedly. Failing to correct the issue will likely cause your door to become stuck on the rail tracks.

Your garage door helps protect your household and property from intruders. Therefore, maintaining it is one way to safeguard and enhance your home's value. It is advisable to contract the services of a professional garage door spring technician whenever you are uncertain about the functionality of this door.