Common Misconceptions About Garage Door Repair

10 January 2023
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One of the repairs you should prepare for as a homeowner involves your garage door. Some garage door problems include worn-out springs and a door that doesn't open or close properly. It is recommended that you consult a technician to fix any garage door issues the moment they arise.

Here are some common misconceptions about garage door repairs every homeowner should know about. 

A Slow Garage Door Doesn't Mean the Door Is Failing

This statement is further from the truth. A slow garage door is a tell-tale sign that your garage door is failing. Therefore, ensure you monitor your garage door's opening and closing speed. Failing to fix a slow garage door can result in property damage, serious accidents, or death when the door falls unexpectedly.

A Noisy Garage Door Is a DIY Fix

You should be alarmed when your garage door begins to make unusual noises. Many homeowners think they can fix the problem by cleaning dirt off the track and lubricating the springs. These DIY fixes may work for minor problems. However, if a failing garage door causes the noise, only a garage door repair expert can resolve the issue. One of the solutions to this problem is replacing the garage door springs.

You Don't Have to Replace All the Springs

Garage door springs are some most crucial parts of the garage door mechanism. They determine what lifts and lowers the garage door safely. One common misconception is that if one spring is broken, you only have to replace that one. While it is affordable to replace one spring, the better solution is to replace both springs.

Cutting Power Is All You Need to Be Safe

Switching the circuit breaker to prevent power from moving to the motor protects you from electrocution. However, this doesn't safeguard you against injury from a broken spring. Cutting power also doesn't protect you from the weight of a crumbling garage door. Whenever you notice anything weird with your garage door, the best precaution is to call an expert to fix it.

Garage Door Repair Is Easy

Cleaning roller tracks, lubricating springs, and painting the door are some easy garage door maintenance tasks. However, there are other procedures that require high expertise. These include replacing springs and hinges. Additionally, the replacement of drive mechanisms, rollers, and cables aren't tasks that the layperson can handle.

In Closing

Like any component of your home, garage doors require regular maintenance. This ensures they perform properly and saves you money on repairs. If you have any issues with your garage door, ensure you call a professional garage door service immediately to avoid complications or accidents in the future.

To learn more about residential garage door repairs, reach out to a service provider near you.